So, interesting twist in my NNTP research. Google has ostensibly buried information on it, as it wants to present NTP (time server), or other totally unrelated stuff. Old references are 404’d because no one has cared about usenet in 20 years.

@jeffmc Yeah, but the instructions would probably be wrong for modern systems, and I wouldn't be able to ask for help via that channel.

@atomicbird @jeffmc undecided, but this is an Ubuntu server on Linode. I'll probably deploy it here.

@octothorpe @jeffmc a while ago I considered building a decentralized device-to-device chat app for iOS. I soon realized I’d more or less reinvent Usenet (with UUCP or something like it) if I wanted to to be useful.

@octothorpe heh, that what was I developed back in 2011. Used p2p. But we also added voice messages, video messages, etc, as well as chat.

@jeffmc and I can’t for the life of me figure out how I missed the whole sidecar thing.

@octothorpe Our version 2 product was SO much better than the version 1. Version 2 was putting everything that should been in V1, into the product with a Much Much better design.

@jeffmc That reminds me of the old Hotline and FirstClass BBSs. They were 'Mac first' (only??), so they were vastly more sophisticated than their term emu brethren. See, the irony of this convo is that it would probably be better served via Usenet.

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