I keep seeing this "Pleroma" thing in my timeline, but I have no idea WTF it is… should I care? Is this some sort of instance drama that means nothing as I'm not on anyone's instance?

@octothorpe Pleroma is a fediverse server like Mastodon. Unlike Mastodon, it's much more self-contained and less resource-heavy.

@stevestreza ah. Interesting. Thanks! Their webpage didn't really say much.

@octothorpe the 500 ft view is... Mastodon is but one of many activitypub based federated networks... Pleroma is an alternate server software for lack of a better explaination

@octothorpe Pleroma's an ActivityPub server written in a fast, good server language instead of a tinkertoy made of crunchy bacon and shell scripts.

It's much more suited to a single person running their own AP instance on small, cheap hardware or VPS. A lot of the more fun & weird people are on Pleroma.

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