Well, I am officially going down the rabbit hole… Hackintosh bits have been ordered!

@jeffmc I should get everything in a week. A good chunk I am carrying over from my Mac Pro, so it's not a hugely expensive experiment.

@jeffmc @octothorpe I’ve had a Hackintosh for about a year and a half and it’s been surprisingly easy.

I started with a 6700k with a well supported motherboard and Sapphire HD 7950 Mac edition (from a Mac Pro). This past summer I upgraded to an 8700k and RX 580.

The worst issues I’ve had are that when you get a new motherboard, fixing audio is annoying (restarting half a dozen times, trying each possible value for one variable) and getting the iGPU on my 8700k to work (which is annoyingly required of you want to use JPEGs at all, because hardware acceleration).

Other than that, I haven’t had any issues (and after the initial setup, it’s been perfectly stable).

@shadowfacts @jeffmc Cool! As this is my first ever venture into the Hackintosh realm, I'm fairly close to following 2 golden builds, based on the 'Vanilla' desired outcome. I'll be running High Sierra using the i9-9900K/Gigabyte Aorus Master mobo, and carrying over my (PC) 980ti. With that combo, everything works, assuming you get a Broadcom wifi card, which isn't too difficult to pick up. I won't even need to poke around the USB entries (they're mapped already).

@octothorpe @jeffmc Good luck with the 9th gen processor, I haven’t seen very many hackintoshes with them.

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