I have a sudden urge to bring back those 1970s vans with a wizard painted on the side… but like, modern. It’s not too dissimilar from the idea of case modding.

Current state of macOS: garbage fire. I'm going to bed.

I totally forgot about MUSE… HD video broadcast and laser disc in 1993 youtube.com/watch?v=LkQEobE2RU

@stevestreza The older I get, and the more I think about it, the more I think nintendo is the only company that knows how to have actual fun.

A Friend found a recording of the last Prince concert I went to. It’s an audience recording, but it’s pretty good as far as those go. I am excite. I made an art for it.

@stevestreza how in the hell does a low/medium end chrome book do it? Is it only on MacOS that it sucks all available resources?

@tankgrrl for me those are clothes that are probably wearable again without washing them :-)

@stevestreza also drag/drop. Somehow in the last 5 or so years, we’ve made copy/paste/drag/drop work less well than in 1995.

@stevestreza yo dawg, I heard you liked war… I conscripted your war into your war, so you could war while you war.

@stevestreza Surprise! All wars the US has been in since WW2 have been basically that.

@stevestreza ah. Interesting. Thanks! Their webpage didn't really say much.

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