Sorry. Things are just really bad now. One the plus side, I’m employed, and solvent.

@thomasfuchs and Grand Central was going to suffer the same fate until Jackie O put a halt to it.

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@tankgrrl today’s video haul was the new criterion Do the Right Thing, and the restored Weird Science.

@mdhughes I haven’t watched the OVAs, so donnow. I do however, own the new version of Yamato, which was excellent. Reboots the original 70s show in 13 eps. 2199, and the follow up series 2202.

@mdhughes so a couple of weeks ago, I re-watched Yu Yu Hakusho. I think it holds up fairly well, even if I’m not super fond of the English voices. With 112 episodes, the characters do get a lot of depth, eventually.

@mdhughes yeah, it’s the lack of persistence. It kinda a mess. Just gimme a tiny dock pager I can click on.

@mdhughes the thing I dislike most about MacOS’ pager is that it’s invisible, and nearly impossible to see how many you really have.

@stevestreza Hey, that's pretty cool! Working well? (also, super thrilled I can run it in 10.13!)

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