Hot new murder mystery podcast, listened to by more people across more generations than Serial, has a host with a shadowy past. Sponsored by Wilkin's Coffee and Squarespace.
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@mdhughes a great find! I love these old radio mystery dramas.

@octothorpe @griff Yeah, my dad had tapes of old-time radio dramas and comedies, so I heard those as a kid. Shadow and Fibber McGee & Molly were my favorites. Whistler and The Saint (even with Vincent Price!) were too preachy, and most comedy didn't work with just audio. I don't remember which western I listened to, wasn't Lone Ranger, much darker and more like Lonesome Dove.


@mdhughes @griff there used to be a SiriusXM channel devoted to those but they changed their programming a bit and it’s more generic. Still fun though.

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