Even tho I'm mostly keyboard-driven, I really miss the little [1][2][3][4] desktop buttons from CDE and a bunch of other window managers. Is there one of those for Mac? Shove it in a corner or even fill a dock icon?


@mdhughes the thing I dislike most about MacOS’ pager is that it’s invisible, and nearly impossible to see how many you really have.

@octothorpe Way down in System Prefs, Mission Control, hit Hot Corners, and set one to Mission Control (top-left for me), Desktop (bottom-left). Can set keys, too.

Now flicking the mouse up shows all the screens. Annoyingly, the key for Mission Control shows only the names, mouse shows the preview. But I want a small version of that always up.

@mdhughes yeah, it’s the lack of persistence. It kinda a mess. Just gimme a tiny dock pager I can click on.

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