Captain's Log, Stardate 41723.9.
"Xendi Sabu system". Enterprise model "flying" with a Federighi ship model, in preposterously close formation, both the same orientation. Apparently without having communicated. SIGH. This is never gonna stop bugging me.

The shitty latex and fangs the Federighi can barely see and speak out of makes them look even more like a racist caricature than they already are.

They beam hostiles onto the bridge, instead of the transporter room? Who thought that was a good idea?

More data points in "Picard is a senile old man", reliving old memories gives him headaches and makes him forget where he is now. The new Picard show is just gonna be Grampa Picard shouting racist shit about the Federighi, isn't it?

Again (see Stardate 41209.2) they beam over to a space hulk, possibly booby-trapped, without spacesuits. These people are all so fucking stupid and most won't get the foolkiller deaths they deserve.

Remember Wesley's voice simulator? He works for the Federighi! Traitor!

As we all know, a starship's shields prevent transporting in or out. This is repeated just a minute before. And then the villain transports out. WTF! WHY ARE THESE WRITERS SO STUPID?

Oh sweet merciless Cthulhu, this show's gonna give me a headache.

I've made it through 8 of these and I want to shove a Bat'leth up some writers' asses. There's 170 episodes to go. Whooo. Even if I skip to a later season, I know it doesn't get any smarter.

They keep doing away teams with no protection. Don't think for one second. Break their own rules. Use the transporter for magic one ep, ignore it the next.

I'm gonna quit this for a while, maybe do another batch next month. Write these up in a blog post with a few more thoughts.

I've rewatched TOS, TAS, Babylon 5, and Stargate SG-1/Atlantis/Universe in recent years, and some weird "comedy" bits that didn't age well aside, I had no problem with any of them. TOS had a few too many godlike aliens. SG-1 has mission-of-the-week-itis, and flailed around for a plot after S4 and again after S8, but they weren't irredeemably stupid like TNG.

Hm. I'd like another old show to binge and snark at that isn't so stupid. Must be on Netflix, 'Zon, or Crunchyroll.

@mdhughes so a couple of weeks ago, I re-watched Yu Yu Hakusho. I think it holds up fairly well, even if I’m not super fond of the English voices. With 112 episodes, the characters do get a lot of depth, eventually.

@octothorpe I might just try the OVAs if those cover the series. Kung fu & undead are interesting…


@mdhughes I haven’t watched the OVAs, so donnow. I do however, own the new version of Yamato, which was excellent. Reboots the original 70s show in 13 eps. 2199, and the follow up series 2202.

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